Mid Century Modern Style Furniture

OUR MISSION: To create a better living environment for our generation – to instill confidence and enable individuals to find their unique style and purpose in life. We believe that spaces which you are comfortable and confident in is a space that empowers you to live a life with purpose.
Design: Our designs are highly compatible with the new age of apartment nomads, loft dwellers, and home-owners alike. The furniture represents a minimalistic, healthy lifestyle which is inspired by mid-century modern furniture, Danish, and Scandinavian designs.
Low Cost: We set out to provide mid-century modern furniture at a revolutionary price so that the gap was bridged from one generation to the next and the mid-century modern designs will live on. We aim to provide modern furniture for all budget furniture seekers.
No middle man: To keep the quality at a high standard and low cost, we manufacture the furniture ourselves and sell directly to the consumer eliminating the middle man. No middle-men means a lower cost to consumers.
Fast delivery: We sell what we have in our stock that means fast delivery, no more waiting for weeks.
We hope that you join the thousands of satisfied customers and us in keeping the legacy of our favorite styles alive as well as transforming living spaces into spaces of inspiration!
We are also proud to have opened the largest mid-century modern Furniture Store in Houston!